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Many clients have questions about anesthesia. We make every effort to minimize the risks of anesthesia by performing a thorough physical exam and encouraging blood work prior to anesthesia.


Laboratory testing is critically important to the management of ill and injured patients as well as routine, geriatric and pre-anesthetic evaluations. All equipment is maintained on the premises.

Dental Cleanings

Dental cleanings have become one of the most common procedures performed. It is enormously important to the health of our patients - dental infections are painful, and infection may spread.


Radiographs, commonly referred to as X-rays, are an extremely useful diagnostic tool. With this tool, we can look into the body.


A comprehensive pharmacy is maintained on the premises for client convenience, with a complete inventory of canine and feline medications.

Pain Management

Our pets feel pain and discomfort under much the same circumstances as people. Arthritis, injury, disease and surgery can all require special attention.


Pet Link microchipping offers a safe and reliable permanent identification for all companion animals. Even with the best supervision pets may be lost.

Wisdom Panel

We are excited to now offer Wisdom Panel, a blood test that detects which breeds are in your dog’s family history.

Boarding and Grooming

Our hospital houses a full service boarding kennel for your pets.