Pet Pharmacy

At Ridgefield Veterinary Center, we recognize how important it is to have easy access to the medications your dog or cat requires.
cat and pharmacy equipment

Ridgefield Veterinary Center

In-house Pharmacy

Ridgefield Veterinary Center offers a wide variety of animal medications, diets, and supplements at competitive pricing. Getting your pet’s medications through us is not only convenient but also ensures the medications you receive are bought from approved sources and stored correctly.

Online Pharmacy

Ridgefield Veterinary Center has partnered with an outside pharmacy that our practice has researched and trusts. In those instances where we don’t regularly stock your pet’s medication or prescription diet, the online pharmacy offers safety, savings and convenience. With thousands of products to choose from, the online pharmacy offers you the confidence in knowing your pet’s food and medications are coming from trusted and reliable sources, all with the ease of shopping from home.